Nutrimost? What’s that? Let me Tell you about the Diet of a Lifetime…

Nutrimost. When you think about it, it sounds like something to do with nutrition. I haven’t heard of this company ever. This could mean one of two things; either it’s small so practically no one has heard of it, or that it’s popular and I haven’t been following the diet trends or whatever.

The article on NY Daily News says that there is an office in San Antonio. Living in San Antonio myself, I haven’t really heard of Nutrimost. This guy named Dr. Rob Vasquez is actually an advocate for making the Alamo City a healthier place. Vasquez says he didn’t find change until he joined Nutrimost. After joining he lost about 35 pounds in 40 days.

I’m actually not sure how safe that is, but I think they say like 1 1/2 pounds a week or something for weight loss is safe.

In the article he talks about five things that will help weight loss.
The number one thing he says is to eat organic. Understand where your food comes from and eat organic when possible. Anything organic you can eat, that’s better.
The second thing he says is to eat more vegetables. They provide the nutrients you need and are low in calories. He also says to watch out for sugars and that natural sugars, like those found in apples, oranges, and their juices are okay. It’s pretty healthy for you.
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