Achievements of Businessman Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright has been a great inspiration to most people all over the world due to his determination and dedication in his work. He is a leader in administrative and financial operations well-known due to his strategic ability as well as vision to demand new opportunities and achieve all business goals.

He has been a financial expertise for 13 years and has helped communities in East Coast better their lives. Kevin is now working as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Newark Economic Development Corporation.

Throughout his career, he has been formulating strategies in business so as to build responsive financial and accounting divisions which will ensure results are delivered by aligning current economic and organizational goals with technological initiatives. Kevin Seawright was recently recognized by Notre Dame University – Mendoza College of Business due to the completion of the second installment of Nonprofit Fund Development Program.

Kevin has taken a new step in his life by completing the Executive Leadership Program which will aid in education and even develop his role in Newark. He is dedicated to helping, empowering and strengthening communities by joining hands with organizations that are willing to support them. Kevin believes that it is very important to serve and be a participant in government, public education systems as well as communities so as to ensure you get information on how the country is progressing.


Kevin has been of great help to many communities and also ensured that education systems are well protected. Due to his experience in management, he has been able to oversee operations both in the government and in private organizations. This has enabled him to gain the best understanding of tools in business management such as Human Resource Information Systems.

This refers to how computer software as well as system packages are used for human resource need which include payrolls, scheduling, data management and attendance. These systems are very useful tools and can be used by businesses no matter the size.

They are in a position to handle administrative duties which are performed traditionally by human resource members. This will help companies increase their workforce efficiency and as a result minimize company costs.

Triple Sulfate Shampoos Damage Hair While The WEN By Chaz Way Restores Integrity

Most of us don’t bother to check the backs of our hair care products, maybe because we would be frightened to see how chemically-laden these formulas are. The bad boys are known as the sulfates, and if you do a little investigating, you would discover there are three different sulfate products used in store bought shampoos:

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)

Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)

Ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS)

This chemical trio is not doing anyone’s hair any favors, and in fact, can strip hair strands, cause irritation to the scalp and hair and weaken the mane’s appearance and structure over time. These detergents are placed in our hair care products to offer foaming action for removing the build-up and grime. In other words, sulfates deliver a clean feeling, but at what cost?

That is why no lather shampoos have become the wave of the future, with Wen hair by Chaz leading the way as the true no-poo pioneer. The system was carefully developed by L.A. celebrity hair guru Chaz Dean with an holistic approach of purity and healthiness. His unique cleansing conditioners perform ideally without the lather, because the ingredients used are based on fruit and plant extracts. These wonderful blends bathe each strand of hair in nourishing goodness, delivering shine, fullness and manageability to hair of any type.

WEN by Chaz proudly contains zero sulfates and features only nutrient-rich formulas to maintain the integrity of your hair. His wonderfully scented cleansing conditioners come in a large variety of choices. Imagine Fall Apple Spice Cleansing Conditioner or those in Lavender, Fall Ginger Pumpkin, Sweet Almond Mint and others. These luxurious botanical blends and essential oils are superb, natural hair fortifiers.

The famous brand also offers effective styling cremes to protect hair from heated hair tools, treatment oils and a lot more. Learn more, about WEN Hair by checking put the brand’s Wikipedia page.

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Six Reasons You Should Invest in Gold with the U.S Money Reserve

The high uncertainty associated with wealth safeguarding options like stocks, cash and in real-estate has forced people to look elsewhere. No wonder, they are now investing in precious metals like gold and silver. Gold, in particular, has a reputation of being recession-proof. This commodity is expected to clock new record highs in the future. The same, however, cannot be said of the best blue chip stocks on Wall Street. In 2016, George Soros, the controversial billionaire investor, was said to have traded at least 40% of his stock options for gold.

The U.S Money Reserve is the nation’s leading distributor of U.S government issues precious and valuable coins. Here are some of their definitive features, products, and services offered to their over 500K customers:-

• The President of U.S Money Reserve is a Former U.S Mint Director. The man in charge of U.S Money Reserve is known as Philip N. Diehl. Mr. Diehl is a revered authority figure in the industry. He has a thorough understanding of the intricacies and the complexities associated with the precious metals markets.

• The U.S Money Reserve has been accorded a triple-A rating by the American Business Consumer Alliance, the BCA. The BCA is tasked with the responsibility of enlightening the consumers on the essential factors to consider when transacting with any listed business or service provider. Their services are mostly free-of-charge. The AAA rating is evidence of the reliability, the reputation and the trustworthiness of this enterprise.

• The firm has an extensive customer base. The figure currently stands at more than a half a million satisfied clients served by the U.S Money Reserve since 2011. The company is renowned for initiating and nurturing cordial, professional relationships bounded by trust and respect with all their web clients. Their testimonial pages are filled with heart-warming, sincere and positive remarks about their exceptional work.

• The records show that the USMR has delivered more than 2 million gold coins to clients all over the world. The coins have a total value estimated to be around a billion dollars. As a customer, your cargo is fully insured and tracked every step of the way. Shipping is fast and takes only five business days at most. No intermediaries are involved in the process.

• The coins have the authorization of Congress. The support and backing by the U.S government make it possible to get a BuyBack Guarantee with your purchases. Buyers who return their coins within the first 30 days are refunded their entire amount. Terms and conditions apply.

• The USMR employees are highly trained and broadly experienced in everything appertaining to the precious metal industry. They assist their clients to manage their investment portfolios courtesy of their seasoned advice and tips. Sign up for their free newsletter and stay informed and updated always.


Sweetgreen Takes Salads to a Whole New Level

One of the most unique things about shopping at Sweetgreen is the interactive online experience. Nathaniel Ru and the Sweetgreen team wanted the app to recreate the feeling of dining at the restaurant. Creating a wholistic and unique experience has always been the goal of the organization. This is likely one of the main reasons that the brand has been so successful. They’ve worked hard to:


  • Set themselves apart,
  • Clearly define their brand’s product and service offering, and
  • Focus on doing one thing well


Many business owners try to do too many things. It’s much better for customers to think of just one thing when they think of your businesses. If you’d like to dabble in another industry, it’s almost better to start a completely new business. We all live busy, modern lives. Shopping and decision-making becomes easier overall when choices are simple rather than complicated.


 Sweetgreen uses striking food visuals throughout its restaurant décor and mobile app. Shopping on the app feels almost exactly like dining in or getting some takeout at the restaurant.


Ru states that this didn’t happen by accident. They actually dedicated a lot of time making sure the food photography was just right. He understood that visuals can be powerful persuaders when it comes to getting people to trust you and desire your product.


Sweetgreen food images are big and colorful. The food looks fresh and succulent. In addition, when you order using the app, you don’t have to stand in line. You can skip the line and head right to the pickup window for your food. In our modern, tech savvy world, it’s so important to give people incentives and bonuses for engaging with your business online or through mobile. It goes a long way in the customer service category and helps to create brand advocates. Customers feel valued and feel as if their time and busy schedules are respected as well.


Before Ru even considers the real estate, he checks out the farms.

Another unique and exciting thing about Sweetgreen is that it sources its food from such healthy places. Before deciding to build a new store location, Nathaniel Ru and the team check out the local farmers to make sure that the local land can supply the establishment’s produce demands. In addition, instead of asking farmers to grow specific foods, Sweetgreen features the foods that farmers are already growing in the region. Because of this, every Sweetgreen restaurant has a slightly different menu based on regional goodies.



Offering An Innovative Math Help Platform With Solvy

The study of math requires a lot of practice. Students who want to get even more practice in can now turn to an innovative platform for help. SOLVY is a completely free online resources that offers a platform in this subjects for students and their teachers to connect together.

SOLVY allows students to access math problems that are specially designed for their skill level and need. All the problems they see on the platform are problems that have been pick out by their own teachers for their skill level and present classwork.

The platform allows individual teachers to create a specific lesson for a given student in their class that can be completed at home on their own time.

All students can then log into the platform and find assign exercises that the teachers know will be ideal for their skill level during any given week. The platform helps further facilitate additional help for students who may be struggling with material by giving teachers notification that a student has not completed it correctly.

 An Innovative Founder

According to Daily Motion video, those who have studied the hard work of Alexei Beltyukov are not surprised by his latest venture. His work has helped merge technology and innovation. Alexei Beltyukov has been directly involved in the founding of many important companies.

His imagination has helped him create spaces such A-Ventures and New Gas Technologies. Alexei Beltyukov has also worked for other companies that are aimed at providing solutions for problems such as Endemic Capital.

His latest venture, SOLVY, is one that has taken off as math teachers and students everywhere have come realize how useful it is. In 2015, Alexei Beltyukov was named the head of SOLVY, work that has helped him bring his own skills and love of math to other people.

He knows the importance of encouraging people to think out of the box and dream in new ways. With this system, he hopes to help math teachers around the world reach out to their students and offer direct help in areas they may not quite understand. He is hopeful more schools will adopt it.

Sweetgreens Founder Nathaniel Ru on Core Values


When Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman were students at Georgetown University, they became fast friends. They discovered that they were all sons of entrepreneurs who had very little interest in joining a traditional company. They also found that they loved good food that was prepared right and was served in a pleasant manner, but they could not find it near the university. Third, they discovered that they were all sons of immigrants who had worked very hard in America to become a success.

By their senior year, the three had moved to a student flat just off campus. Realizing that getting great food that was good for them was still a problem, they hatched the idea of starting their own restaurant revolving around salads topped with great dressings.

Soon, the trio came up with a three-page business plan and approached their current landlord who owned an empty tavern around the corner from their apartment about opening a restaurant there. She told the young men to come back when they had a real business plan and some investors. Nathaniel says that it was the only time he ever wore a suit but apparently it did not impress the landlord.

The three went out and hustled following the wise landlord’s instructions. Soon, they returned with a new business plan and money from investors. The landlord rented them the building and the first Sweetgreen was born.

Nathaniel says those original values still lead the company today even though the company has grown to more than 40 stores. The first of those values is win-win-win. Nathaniel believes that only win the community and customer wins has the company won. Therefore, they find ways to interact with each community to help it become stronger. Customers coming to the restaurant are warmly greeted with doors being opened, umbrellas being available on rainy days and coupons and other sweets being given away to customers who get parking tickets.

The second core value, according to Nathaniel, is to think sustainably. He says this goal is the biggest one for him personally. He wants to create a company that will outlive him. He also wants to create policies within that company, including where the food is sourced, that will last for many generations.

The third core value is to keep it real. Nathaniel says that the company’s use of apps is one way that they keep it real. Customers choosing to pay through their app earn points and when they have spent $100, then the company makes a donation to feeding hungry children.

The Glory Of Wen By Chaz

For many people, their hair is something that tells a lot about them. They want it to look great, and they try all different kinds of products looking for a way to make it look great. When a person has tried everything and nothing works, they will suddenly want to keep looking for more options. Hence, they find something that does work eventually, and that is why Wen hair by Chaz is taking the world by storm.
In a magazine called Wen by Chaz was written about, and the author had great success with it. She used the product on a daily basis, wrote about (complete with pictures of how her hair improved over the designated time period), and yes, Wen by Chaz does work.

Wen hair was created by Chaz Dean to be used as a shampoo and conditioner all at once. People are finding it to be exactly what they are looking for in their hair care needs. They love it so much, they are giving it as gifts to friends and relative at the holiday time, as well as other important dates throughout the year.

Using Wen by Chaz has led many people to successful looking hair. They can go out in the world and be proud of how they look. It makes sense to buy several Wen by Chaz products at once to have them on hand for a later date.  Visit the product’s Wikipedia page for more info.


The highly anticipated Lovaganza global celebrations set for 2020

There has been plenty of buzz in social media about Lovaganza. A few people are still not sure about it. It is not a film, a multi-day festival or a party; it is unique and entirely different. Think of the all amazing historical cultures of the world; that is Lovaganza. It is a franchise that encompasses dance, music, films, artwork and different forms of cultures from various parts of the world. To put everything together, there have been multiple events celebrated, some which were already observed in 2015 to bring people from different regions of the world together.

Lovaganza is unique in that it is a cultural event that was created so as to promote unity in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East and the entire America. The celebration is going to provide entertainment on Instagram that features a variety of dances, art showcase, films and music performances. The festivity is meant to be observed all over the world.

An example of a project that is set to be shown at Lovaganza is the set of films with the title the Lovaganza Convoy. It has the title “Follow Your Sunshine” and has a message to inspire people about Faith. The filmmakers on believe that the motion picture will teach people that having faith is going to carry anyone through the darkest hour. The filming locations are held in different parts of Europe. The film itself takes the setting and look of the 1950s.

Lovaganza has a series of pre-events that are set to take place for about five years. The actual event started in 2015; the main show starts from May to September 2020. The final celebration is going to take place on September 14, 2020. Lovaganza will occur during the entire summer period and a little part of fall and spring. So far, 50 cities around the world will be celebrating the festival at the same time.

The primary Lovaganza team is different into two groups. The entertainment business group is known as the Lovaganza Entertainment Company, and the non-profit group is called The Lovaganza Foundation. The foundation helps to bring awareness to create a bigger impact and bring cultures of the world together. If you are interested in learning more about the event, you can learn a lot by going to their website. You will find important details about the celebrations too. Keep in touch with the latest information to get firsthand information.