SEC is Restoring Stability in the U.S. Financial Sector through the Whistleblower Program

The Securities Exchange Commission is instrumental in ensuring that securities violators face penalties. This commission also relies on information provided by its whistleblowers. The Dodd-Frank Act is more applicable to whistleblowers because it established a whistleblower program, which provides financial incentives and employment protections to people who report securities violations. The U.S Congress approved this act together with the Consumer Protection Act back in 2010. This Act protects whistleblowers against injustices.

The Whistleblower Representation Practice

Labaton Sucharow is a law firm that established the first practice (the Whistleblower Representation Practice) in the United States that protects and advocates for SEC whistleblowers. The law firm uses a securities litigation platform to enhance the functionalities of the practice. The company’s professional team comprises of financial analysts, forensic accountants, and investigators with extensive experience in federal and state law.

Jordan Thomas, a securities violations expert, is the chair of the Whistleblower Representation Practice. He previously worked as an assistant to both legal counsel and director positions at SEC’s enforcement division. Jordan was also instrumental in the practice’s development when he used to work for the SEC. He was also a contributor to the final implementation of the proposed legislation rules that guide the practice. If you are in need of a SEC whistleblower lawyer, Labaton’s Practice can help you out.

How SEC Pays Whistleblowers

The whistleblower’s rules mandate the SEC to pay whistleblowers a share of 10 to 30 percent of the collected monetary sanctions. SEC usually obtains monetary sanctions when conducting enforcement actions. When these sanctions exceed $1 million, eligible whistleblowers should receive more awards. Learn more:

Monetary sanctions collected by law enforcement and regulatory agencies also count when SEC pays whistleblowers. Based on the Dodd-Frank Act’s policies, employers should not retaliate against SEC whistleblowers that adhere to the program rules. Furthermore, the practice allows whistleblowers to observe anonymity when reporting securities violations as long as they have an attorney.

How to Become a SEC Whistleblower

SEC invites the public who would like to join the whistleblower program or ask a case evaluation. The Whistleblower Representation Team responds promptly to telephone calls, emails or comments submitted on SEC’s website. It is free to ask for case evaluations and initial consultations from the SEC. However, when acquiring an initial consultation service, SEC does not need you to present your name, area of residence, or names of securities violators. The commission also provides webinar programs to the public on securities violations. Practitioners such as corporate lawyers and accountants can acquire ethical skills that help when reporting violations in their professional careers. A whistleblower can choose to file a report of securities violations through a SEC whistleblower attorney.

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Best Hair Care For Winter Months

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  1. Another way to keep your hair healthy during the winter months is to keep it trimmed regularly. If you trim it every six or eight weeks, you will get rid of split ends. Your hair will look fuller and healthier.
  1. Bringing a humidifier into your home can be beneficial to your hair. Most people have dry heat in their homes during the winter and their hair can suffer dryness. The humidifier keeps dry hair at bay.

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Some people are not aware of the effects of a lack of certain nutrients. For one thing, they are used to eating a lot of empty calories. However, one thing that they may notice is that they have cravings for certain foods. Often times, they crave sweets and they don’t know why. As a result, they find themselves faced with issues such as obesity and diabetes among other health conditions as it depends on the person. The one issue that causes such out of control cravings is the lack of nutrients. Fortunately, Nathaniel Ru has come up with a solution called Sweetgreen, which offers salads.


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Nathaniel Ru is someone that is saving lives with his fast food company. People are able to meet full meals that are balanced in nutrition. This results in greater moods, increased productivity and more energy. The environment of the company is also very healthy. People have an overall positive attitude when they work for the company. Therefore, more people are drawn to the fast food restaurant.


SEC Tips for Achieving the Gold Whistleblower Payday

Now that the socialists have set up a great new program to transfer wealth from one part of the economy to another through the SEC Whistleblower Program, there are a score of new ways to make it in America. Cronyism in Washington D. C. is alive and well and set to prosper under the long term effects of Dodd-Frank Legislation. Part of this web of bureaucratic boondoggle making is the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) new handbook, formulated in 2010 by newly specialized legal experts or SEC Whistleblower lawyer professionals. Jordan A. Thomas, a former Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel of the Law Enforcement Sector, has spearheaded the educational track for those who wish to capitalize on the Dodd-Frank legislation that was made to rein in Wall Street Tycoons and Wolves who were financial predators on the innocent average investors.

The guide book,SEC Whistleblower Program Handbook, that was crafted, points out all the requirements such as eligibility for whistleblower protection. This is a key element of the program as in the past, employers, who were ratted out by their employees acting as whistleblowers, would unleash the most venomous retribution on such ‘traitors,’ so that the future of such turncoats would be toast. Instead, it is Christmas everyday for the whistleblower, moreover, there is a new career for those who wish to learn the ins and outs of this program so that they can cash in on the lucrative commission that is now awarded from the sanctions that are won against the Wall Street trading houses that use, now illegal performance parameters for their employees to follow that lure ‘unwitting’ investors into their traps.

That is a good thing out of this, however, there are other approaches that can make millions for a whistleblower today such as properly reporting on Financial fraud and corporate disclosures, Offering Fraud, Insider Trading, Trading and Pricing, Market Manipulation, Foreign and Corrupt Practices Act, Market Events and Municipal Securities to name the known categories of violations under Dodd-Frank. Of course this handbook will have to be updated as more scandals are revealed about new avenues that the Wall Street money rakers devise in order to get around the new shackles that have been placed on their old gambits against the average investors.

No matter what transpires in the world of investing and the world of cronies in Washington, there will be a bright future for the SEC Whistleblower attorney. The potential payday of more than $17 million, an example of a recent award, for the fortunate informer and others of similar amount have already paid off.