Duda Melzer’s Progress and Transformation in the Media Sector.

Duda Melzer is a renowned entrepreneur in Brazil who is majorly involved in the media business, and his real name is Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer. He is the current Chairperson and President of the Grupo RBS, which is a multimedia firm that was established by Mauricio Sirotssky Sobrinho. The company offers broadcast on different platforms, which are radio, television, newspapers and digital. Duda has based his career creating solutions for various people. As the head of the Grupo RBS, he is well informed, and he exactly knows what it takes to for a business to thrive in the highly competitive industry. Duda has earned noteworthy recognition in the business world since he is a diligent and innovative individual who is always prepared to face different situations. He is highly skilled and experience in the provision of media related service, and therefore, he helps the firm in achieving its objectives and upholding its values.

Mr. Melzer is dedicated to making his family’s business successful, and he understands that for a company to be successful, it has to be flexible in a way that it can adapt to change. To ensure the growth of his firm, he has improved the management and operations to run by strategies that any company that wants to grow can develop. Grupo RBS is currently transforming the digital entertainment through e-Brick, which is its digital business subsidiary that offers digital media, e-commerce, and mobile applications.

Duda studied business administration and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. He is also a holder of an MBA from the Harvard University. Melzer speaks fluently in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. He started his career by working for the BoxTop Media, which is based in the United States. He has also worked for the Booz Allen Hamilton as its consultant and U.S based Delfi where he was a Senior Financial Analyst.

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