IDLife: Identifying a Healthy Life

Too many times Logan Stout would see different companies marketing weight-loss supplements in the wrong fashion in his mind. He always thought that weight-loss should be specific to each person, as each person has a unique body and diet. With this in mind, in 2014 he formed a new company: IDLife.

IDLife aims to turn the weight-loss business on its head. Starting back in the late 1990s with a pharmacist whose daughter at the time was battling leukemia. Paul Sullivan, that pharmacist, knew that his daughter needed certain vitamins and nutrients specific to her, as she was also taking a trial drug along with 49 other leukemia patients. Fortunately for Sullivan and his daughter, she is still alive today. With the help of the specialized supplements she is living a full life; from this came brainchild of IDLife.

Logan Stout is the founder of the company in 2014. He wanted to provide guidance to others in their battle in losing weight, but he also wanted to be different with his approach. Instead of a cookie-cutter supplement, Stout took the idea from Sullivan about having supplements being specific to each person and went from there. IDLife offers a free assessment to each client, where upon completion of said assessment, is given the specific supplement dosage to help his or her weight-loss. With 1.3 million different combinations of their formulas, there is bound to be perfect supplement for everyone.

IDLife aims to not only be the most unique supplement distribution company, but they also want to be a company that provides the guidance people need to live a healthier life. A partnership with the tech company Garmin allows clients of IDLife to track their fitness goals and history while wearing Garmin fitness accessories. All of this allows clients to take on a healthier life with a partner in IDLife by their side.

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