David Osio is an individual who is both serious minded and intelligent. His reputation shows no less. His business and actions show no less. He is highly strategic and successful as the Executive Director and Founder of the Davos Financial Group…..of which the Davos Real Estate Group comes into play here!

The Davos Real Estate Group—-often referred to as the DAVOS REG—-has recently released a highly innovative and efficient mobile app for the real estate financial business….and PR Newswire has written all about it! When you get a chance to do so, I highly encourage you to take a couple of minutes and read this provocative online article in full. You will be inspired, and have nothing to lose from it! The article may be retrieved at (

It appears that in this online source, Mr. Osio and his team have truly ‘done it again’….delivering a highly helpful and informational product in a very short amount of time….with more to come as well. It leaves one wanting more! More will be supplied, as Mr. Osio has himself mentioned in the article….that this new mobile app….is but the Alpha to the Omega in a series of new apps which both he and his executive team at DAVOS REG intend to release to the public—in the not too terribly distant future! Real estate clients and seekers—-be on the lookout! More great things are yet to come from this great company. Keep your eyes pealed!

According to Gerard González, an executive of Mr. Osio’s, ‘We are currently working on many projects in an effort to fulfill our commitment to providing excellent service to our customers.’
“REG Davos has expanded its platform of agents by more than 60% which has been translated into an increase of over 75% in sales so far in this first half of 2016.” (pg. 1)

Now THAT is just nothing short of wonderful….the power of dedication and hard work. The Davos CAP Calculator is the name of this new tool, the first in its series. It is intended to offer financial assistance and guidance to the one who uses it….eventually assisting in deciding which properties to buy or not to buy in a non biased and objective manner. In the end, the consumer must make the decision….but when the information and statistics are present to him or her through the app, the decision is more informed. It helps!

Learn more from his blog and follow him on Twitter: @davidosio

Why Your Company Should Hire a Professional Wikipedia Writer

If you own a small business or are a marketing professional you are probably always looking for ways to help your marketing platform and increase the visibility of your business. Thanks to the internet, there is a huge amount of free resources that you can use to increase your brand’s visibility. The most obvious of these resources are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These are all social media sites that are free and easy to use that many different companies use to display their content. A blog is another great way to get your marketing material out if you use longer form content. One way that people don’t often think about when it comes to their marketing platform is to make a Wiki page.

Wikipedia is actually one of the most visited websites on the internet today. It has an article on just about any topic you could imagine. New articles are also being added all the time. Many businesses have already realized the power that Wikipedia can bring to their marketing campaign. A good article that is well-sourced and well-linked on your Wikipedia page can be a great way to reach potential customers. If you are looking into learning how to create a Wikipedia page it is imperative that you hire a Wikipedia expert. Here are two reasons why.

Wiki Editors – There are fewer editors than ever on Wikipedia. This means that the editors that are left are more dedicated than ever. They will reject or ask for an edit on any article that doesn’t meet their standards. A professional Wikipedia expert for hire will know how to write an article that will pass inspection the first time and start working for your company right away. The amount of time that this saves you will save you money.

Quality – You probably are not a professional writer. A high-quality article about your business will be much more effective than something that you have slapped together yourself. A pro will also be able to correctly source and link all relevant information in the article about your company.

As you can see, hiring a professional writer to make a Wikipedia article will save you money, save you time, and help improve the marketing campaign of your business. Don’t make the mistake of not using Wikipedia in your marketing campaign. Hire a professional Wikipedia writer to ensure that your aritlce meets the standards of Wikipedia and is of the highest quality.

John Goullet: Changing the Way People Look at Business

When it comes to John Goullet and Diversant, they are changing the way people look at business and how they operate in the IT staffing world. On their website, you will see something that says “Empowered by difference.” In today’s day and age, the culture of how people are conducting business can sometimes be the same. It can all look and sound the same. Because of this, it is important to be different. Not only do they believe in being different, they are empowered by it and thrive on it. It is part of what makes them so special and why they are the company that everyone is talking about today.

It all starts with John Goullet and the way he operates on the leadership/advisory board. He brings a lot of knowledge, wisdom, and experience to the table. What’s great about John Goullet is he not afraid to listen to other members of the board. It is truly a team effort with everyone pitching in and everyone’s voice being heard. John, after all, is an entrepreneur and someone that strives and thrives in elements where there is outside-the-box thinking. He doesn’t believe in doing things the same old way. He believes those ideas are outdated. You have to be innovative, exciting, and cutting edge.

These ideas helped him when he had his own company, Info Technologies, which was an IT staffing company, and they were honed in on finding solutions for Fortune 500 companies. This isn’t always an easy task and it takes a certain discipline to do so. However, John was always up for the task and it was never too big or too overwhelming for him. He handled it with grace, dignity, and class. That is why so many companies relied on him and why Diversant has relied on him.

When you have that experience, you can walk into a room with confidence, conviction, and stand out in the best possible way. People know you, respect you, and your accomplishments speak for themselves. With John Goullet working hard for Diversant, I’m very excited and interested in seeing where they go from here.

More info on John below:

John Goullet and Diversant are Leading With Solutions