Nathaniel Ru And The Severity Of Lack Of Nutrients

Some people are not aware of the effects of a lack of certain nutrients. For one thing, they are used to eating a lot of empty calories. However, one thing that they may notice is that they have cravings for certain foods. Often times, they crave sweets and they don’t know why. As a result, they find themselves faced with issues such as obesity and diabetes among other health conditions as it depends on the person. The one issue that causes such out of control cravings is the lack of nutrients. Fortunately, Nathaniel Ru has come up with a solution called Sweetgreen, which offers salads.


There are a few misconceptions about salads. There are some that say that salad alone is lacking in certain nutrients which include protein. However, the salads that are offered at Sweetgreen are filled with plenty of ingredients that offer protein. Also, Sweetgreen offers plenty of other tasty and nutritious meals that will not only fill the customer up, but give him the right amount of nutrients so that he could function better. The foods offered are also organic. Therefore, there are very little if any chemicals that have been brought in to the food. Therefore, customers can enjoy great tasting and full flavored food.


People need a lot of nutrients when it comes to various aspects of life. Without some nutrients, the body will break down and people will wind up feeling weak and lethargic. When it gets severe, they may have to take trips to the hospital in order to get checked. However, with the foods offered at Sweetgreen, people will experience a boost in health. As a result, they will wind up getting the replenishment they need.


Nathaniel Ru is someone that is saving lives with his fast food company. People are able to meet full meals that are balanced in nutrition. This results in greater moods, increased productivity and more energy. The environment of the company is also very healthy. People have an overall positive attitude when they work for the company. Therefore, more people are drawn to the fast food restaurant.


Sweetgreen Takes Salads to a Whole New Level

One of the most unique things about shopping at Sweetgreen is the interactive online experience. Nathaniel Ru and the Sweetgreen team wanted the app to recreate the feeling of dining at the restaurant. Creating a wholistic and unique experience has always been the goal of the organization. This is likely one of the main reasons that the brand has been so successful. They’ve worked hard to:


  • Set themselves apart,
  • Clearly define their brand’s product and service offering, and
  • Focus on doing one thing well


Many business owners try to do too many things. It’s much better for customers to think of just one thing when they think of your businesses. If you’d like to dabble in another industry, it’s almost better to start a completely new business. We all live busy, modern lives. Shopping and decision-making becomes easier overall when choices are simple rather than complicated.


 Sweetgreen uses striking food visuals throughout its restaurant décor and mobile app. Shopping on the app feels almost exactly like dining in or getting some takeout at the restaurant.


Ru states that this didn’t happen by accident. They actually dedicated a lot of time making sure the food photography was just right. He understood that visuals can be powerful persuaders when it comes to getting people to trust you and desire your product.


Sweetgreen food images are big and colorful. The food looks fresh and succulent. In addition, when you order using the app, you don’t have to stand in line. You can skip the line and head right to the pickup window for your food. In our modern, tech savvy world, it’s so important to give people incentives and bonuses for engaging with your business online or through mobile. It goes a long way in the customer service category and helps to create brand advocates. Customers feel valued and feel as if their time and busy schedules are respected as well.


Before Ru even considers the real estate, he checks out the farms.

Another unique and exciting thing about Sweetgreen is that it sources its food from such healthy places. Before deciding to build a new store location, Nathaniel Ru and the team check out the local farmers to make sure that the local land can supply the establishment’s produce demands. In addition, instead of asking farmers to grow specific foods, Sweetgreen features the foods that farmers are already growing in the region. Because of this, every Sweetgreen restaurant has a slightly different menu based on regional goodies.



Nutrimost? What’s that? Let me Tell you about the Diet of a Lifetime…

Nutrimost. When you think about it, it sounds like something to do with nutrition. I haven’t heard of this company ever. This could mean one of two things; either it’s small so practically no one has heard of it, or that it’s popular and I haven’t been following the diet trends or whatever.

The article on NY Daily News says that there is an office in San Antonio. Living in San Antonio myself, I haven’t really heard of Nutrimost. This guy named Dr. Rob Vasquez is actually an advocate for making the Alamo City a healthier place. Vasquez says he didn’t find change until he joined Nutrimost. After joining he lost about 35 pounds in 40 days.

I’m actually not sure how safe that is, but I think they say like 1 1/2 pounds a week or something for weight loss is safe.

In the article he talks about five things that will help weight loss.
The number one thing he says is to eat organic. Understand where your food comes from and eat organic when possible. Anything organic you can eat, that’s better.
The second thing he says is to eat more vegetables. They provide the nutrients you need and are low in calories. He also says to watch out for sugars and that natural sugars, like those found in apples, oranges, and their juices are okay. It’s pretty healthy for you.
For more of these tips visit: