The long and achievement studded history of CEO Sheldon Lavin

When it comes to high-profile executives and business leaders, there are few with as much experience and consistent success as Sheldon Lavin. Despite being relatively unknown and living a quiet life, he has worked as a CEO at OSI Industries for more than 40 years. This level of experience is longer than most people’s careers, and he’s always found a new way to expand and grow the company.

Most people don’t know of OSI by name, but once you name their primary business partner It all becomes clear. When Sheldon Levine entered the company he had just one goal in mind, he wanted to make OSI the number one provider of products for McDonald’s.

When he entered, I wish I was one of a hundred fifty different providers for McDonald’s. With the goal of being number one came the need to do things drastically differently. It wasn’t enough for OSI to do things cheaper, OSI needed to add value in some way; they needed to do some of the other companies couldn’t do and cater specifically to the needs of their big customer.

This is why Sheldon Lavin invested heavily new technology such as cryogenic freezing an automated patty production. Doing things this way sped up process and 11 to ship much further away from the Chicago location. This breakthrough also led to the world standardization of McDonalds across the country. Thanks to these changes a customer could get a cheeseburger in New York that is indistinguishable from one in California, the quality that has since become the hallmark of McDonalds quality control.

Once he had lead OSI to the prized sole provider position at McDonald’s he still moved forward. It wasn’t enough to be the number one company providing for the famous restaurant with billions and billions across the country; Sheldon Lavin knew that he had to expand his reach globally. For more info about us: click here.

First expanding into Europe in the 1970s, then to Singapore in South America in the 80s he made OSI a global provider of food. This was also instrumental in terms of ensuring the same famous McDonalds quality control across the world.

The biggest lesson we can all take from Sheldon Lavin is that consistency is King. It’s not enough to do something great you have to do something great every single time, but once you do the rewards are great. If you keep it up eventually nobody will trust anyone else to do it as well or correctly as you, and you’ll secure future for your company into the far foreseeable future.