Securus Technologies – Leader in Communications for Correctional Facility finds breach of conduct with GTL

Securus Technologies really takes pride providing a secure, quality experienced for law enforcement agencies and corrections agencies. They take their job serious and have highly qualified staff that are competent and fully trained. It is disturbing when there is a similar company that isn’t following the rules of conduct such as Global Tel Link (GTL). It is fully understandable and the point is well taken when Richard Smith, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies finds that a company in the same industry has stooped below the standards held and lowered their means of integrity.

The industry of law enforcement and corrections has to be monitored closely as it is, when you have a company that doesn’t follow the rules, it become a disheartening situation for all parties involved. There will be a formal 17-page order number by the Louisiana Public Service Commission regarding the actions mentioned on behalf of GTL. The accusations mentioned go beyond the beliefs of Securus Technologies as they continue to strive to be the leading communications company in the correctional facilities.

In a report by PR Newswire , several accusations that will be released on behalf of GTL include the billing of a single phone call more than once, taxpayers have been over charged by a very large sum of money and the use of add-on programs are just a few on the insidious acts that have happened. In this type of business, you have to have integrity and you must have a good business practice with honestly. It goes much farther that a business trying to make a dollar.

Securus America Technologies continues to provide a safe communication environment for the industry and will continue to focus on conducting safe and effective business for many years to come. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas and have bee serving the community for many years.

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With a Mission to Change the World, Bob Reina Commits to Giving Back

Talk Fusion is one of the fasting growing Video Marketing companies in the world. Surpassing such major video companies as Google, YouTube and Facebook, CEO and founder Bob Reina has led his company to the top, but more importantly, he is a part of the movement that is dedicated to helping and encouraging communities on a daily basis.

This is not too surprising for Reina because he has always said that “with great success comes greater responsibility.” His mission is to change lives around the world, and he is extremely proud of the way Talk Fusion participates. His employees participate, too., in a program that allows his Talk Fusion Associates to select non-profit organizations where he can them offer the business a Custom Monthly Plan for their use. This plan includes all of Talk Fusion’s video marketing products including Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-up Forms, and Video Chat at no cost to them.

Talk Fusion Gives Back has become a strong force in helping communities. To learn more, simply go to and see how you can become involved. Mr. Reina has made personal donations, held fundraisers to assist victims of the Nepal earthquake and the tsunami in Japan. But that’s not all. He gave $1 million to the Humane Society in Tampa just last year, and he routinely supports volunteer efforts in the U.S. and abroad.

Bob Reina has a big heart as he sets in motion changes which affect the world. Could it be that Bob remembers where he came from? He started Talk Fusion because, in 2004, he had wanted to send a 10-second video to his friends and family, but he couldn’t find a venue that could do it. He said to himself, “my tech genius friend and I could develop this,” and so they did.

In 2007, Talk Fusion was born, and it immediately became known around the world. Today, over 140 countries use Talk Fusion on a regular basis, and the technology continues to expand. But, Bob came from small beginnings when he started this global video network, and it could just be that he remembers where he came from.


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