Eric Pulier And His Vision For The Future Of Technology

Eric Pulier is a man who has sought to bring computer technology advances to benefit both businesses and philanthropic organizations. As a longtime software developer and engineer, Eric Pulier has taken his knowledge and used it to further social causes and non-profit organizations whose goal is to make the world safer and more energy independent. He has served as a board member of Vice President Gore’s health/technology forum, and currently works with Xprize, a competition organization that encourages young minds to rethink the roles that technology plays in day-to-day activities. Pulier’s innovations have spanned nearly 30 years of software development.

Pulier actually originally had taken interest in writing and literature, graduating from Harvard with a bachelor’s in English Literature. But as he moved into the business world, his love of writing seemed to turn into writing new software codes for computers and he started in on writing programs that would help both businesses and non-profit organizations. The first company he went full throttle with his developments with was People Doing Things, based in Los Angeles and dedicated to finding technological solutions for social issues. In the following years he would start several more companies with a focus on the health care sector, including Starbright World, an initiative helping young children fight multiple diseases, including Lukemia and Autism.

Pulier over the years developed a friendship with President Bill Clinton and even became a communications manager with the Clinton Global Initiative. Also witnessed during President Clinton’s time were the Presidential Technological Exhibition complete with the Bridge to the 21st Century, a display of future developments that would change Americans’ way of life. Pulier even orchestrated a live streaming experience for a space shuttle launch that captured the astronauts’ journey over television.

Pulier has founded many companies who’ve founded more efficient ways to manage business operations including Akana, Desktone, and ServiceMesh. ServiceMesh was a major new development that used a cloud-integrated platform for businesses to accomplish needed tasks through centralized server management. The platform was eventually bought in a merger by the Computer Sciences Corporation.