Offering An Innovative Math Help Platform With Solvy

The study of math requires a lot of practice. Students who want to get even more practice in can now turn to an innovative platform for help. SOLVY is a completely free online resources that offers a platform in this subjects for students and their teachers to connect together.

SOLVY allows students to access math problems that are specially designed for their skill level and need. All the problems they see on the platform are problems that have been pick out by their own teachers for their skill level and present classwork.

The platform allows individual teachers to create a specific lesson for a given student in their class that can be completed at home on their own time.

All students can then log into the platform and find assign exercises that the teachers know will be ideal for their skill level during any given week. The platform helps further facilitate additional help for students who may be struggling with material by giving teachers notification that a student has not completed it correctly.

 An Innovative Founder

According to Daily Motion video, those who have studied the hard work of Alexei Beltyukov are not surprised by his latest venture. His work has helped merge technology and innovation. Alexei Beltyukov has been directly involved in the founding of many important companies.

His imagination has helped him create spaces such A-Ventures and New Gas Technologies. Alexei Beltyukov has also worked for other companies that are aimed at providing solutions for problems such as Endemic Capital.

His latest venture, SOLVY, is one that has taken off as math teachers and students everywhere have come realize how useful it is. In 2015, Alexei Beltyukov was named the head of SOLVY, work that has helped him bring his own skills and love of math to other people.

He knows the importance of encouraging people to think out of the box and dream in new ways. With this system, he hopes to help math teachers around the world reach out to their students and offer direct help in areas they may not quite understand. He is hopeful more schools will adopt it.