In The World of Doe Deere

From a single eBay account did the birth of Lime Crime come about. This is a do it yourself fashion line that entered international markets in 2008. Originator, Doe Deere is responsible for branding her own passions, sharing creativity and turning them into a business. Her style consists of bright, uncommon colors with unique makeup flair.

Lime Crime’s owner, Doe Deere is a strong advocate for businesses operated by women. Her recent success paves way for public speaking and mentoring services that women entrepreneurs enjoy. Doe even made appearances at the Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and others like the PHAMExpo. An open forum for advice is available through Deere’s Instagram also.

Deere is a designer who comes from Russia but was raised in “the city that never sleeps.” The long-time New York resident is driven to give women freedom of expression without hiding themselves from the world. It all starts with pursuing a natural, aesthetic look and one that feels comfortable to do or wear. For Doe, passion results in colorful and animal-conscious makeup.

This is what followers and fashion enthusiast online know about Deere. That reputation is extreme pigmentation, bold decisions and a group of international women who desire the same for their lives. A wide fashion expression can be found in the fashionable collection of colors, nail polishes, eye shadows and lipsticks.

Deere built her business from the ground up, and the Lime Crime crew isn’t to be taken lightly. From a Creative Director, to a President, Vice President and COO, the Lime Crime cosmetic team is a stronghold in fashion. The business hosts meetings weekly while Doe Deere herself spends each day active and involved with company operations.

That work consists of directing personnel, teaming with chemists and constantly responding to emails. Makeup is a strong, consistent outlet of creativity that pushes Lime Crime further into the online fashion markets. There’s a huge transformation taking place that’s putting the standard brick-and-mortar groups in a bind.

Commerce online isn’t just lucrative, it’s becoming an only option. The advantages of online platforms are unlimited. From marketing, development and distribution, the resources to operate online boosts the potential for all commerce. Among those taking advantage of recent developments in eCommerce. …is Lime Crime. The web makes it big in online markets.

Yet there was a time when doing commerce online was thought of as impossible in the cosmetic industry. Those sentiments have turned around entirely. It’s specifically Web presence that Lime Crime attributes there success to. Those techniques and methods used by Doe are now being copied by others.

It’s standard in the market today, and the innovation continues onward.

By having a direct connection to the consumers of its offering, Lime Crime is able to relate in ways big industry players rarely can. Having a genuine relationship with the people who’ve shown consumer loyalty is powerful. E-Commerce enables companies like Lime Crime to flourish.

This cosmetic maker is setting the tone for an entire online industry to follow.

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