Sweetgreens Founder Nathaniel Ru on Core Values


When Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman were students at Georgetown University, they became fast friends. They discovered that they were all sons of entrepreneurs who had very little interest in joining a traditional company. They also found that they loved good food that was prepared right and was served in a pleasant manner, but they could not find it near the university. Third, they discovered that they were all sons of immigrants who had worked very hard in America to become a success.

By their senior year, the three had moved to a student flat just off campus. Realizing that getting great food that was good for them was still a problem, they hatched the idea of starting their own restaurant revolving around salads topped with great dressings.

Soon, the trio came up with a three-page business plan and approached their current landlord who owned an empty tavern around the corner from their apartment about opening a restaurant there. She told the young men to come back when they had a real business plan and some investors. Nathaniel says that it was the only time he ever wore a suit but apparently it did not impress the landlord.

The three went out and hustled following the wise landlord’s instructions. Soon, they returned with a new business plan and money from investors. The landlord rented them the building and the first Sweetgreen was born.

Nathaniel says those original values still lead the company today even though the company has grown to more than 40 stores. The first of those values is win-win-win. Nathaniel believes that only win the community and customer wins has the company won. Therefore, they find ways to interact with each community to help it become stronger. Customers coming to the restaurant are warmly greeted with doors being opened, umbrellas being available on rainy days and coupons and other sweets being given away to customers who get parking tickets.

The second core value, according to Nathaniel, is to think sustainably. He says this goal is the biggest one for him personally. He wants to create a company that will outlive him. He also wants to create policies within that company, including where the food is sourced, that will last for many generations.

The third core value is to keep it real. Nathaniel says that the company’s use of apps is one way that they keep it real. Customers choosing to pay through their app earn points and when they have spent $100, then the company makes a donation to feeding hungry children.

The Glory Of Wen By Chaz

For many people, their hair is something that tells a lot about them. They want it to look great, and they try all different kinds of products looking for a way to make it look great. When a person has tried everything and nothing works, they will suddenly want to keep looking for more options. Hence, they find something that does work eventually, and that is why Wen hair by Chaz is taking the world by storm.
In a magazine called Bustle.com. Wen by Chaz was written about, and the author had great success with it. She used the product on a daily basis, wrote about (complete with pictures of how her hair improved over the designated time period), and yes, Wen by Chaz does work.

Wen hair was created by Chaz Dean to be used as a shampoo and conditioner all at once. People are finding it to be exactly what they are looking for in their hair care needs. They love it so much, they are giving it as gifts to friends and relative at the holiday time, as well as other important dates throughout the year.  http://www.sephora.com/healthy-hair-care-kit-P374589

Using Wen by Chaz has led many people to successful looking hair. They can go out in the world and be proud of how they look. It makes sense to buy several Wen by Chaz products at once to have them on hand for a later date.  Visit the product’s Wikipedia page for more info.


The highly anticipated Lovaganza global celebrations set for 2020

There has been plenty of buzz in social media about Lovaganza. A few people are still not sure about it. It is not a film, a multi-day festival or a party; it is unique and entirely different. Think of the all amazing historical cultures of the world; that is Lovaganza. It is a franchise that encompasses dance, music, films, artwork and different forms of cultures from various parts of the world. To put everything together, there have been multiple events celebrated, some which were already observed in 2015 to bring people from different regions of the world together.

Lovaganza is unique in that it is a cultural event that was created so as to promote unity in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East and the entire America. The celebration is going to provide entertainment on Instagram that features a variety of dances, art showcase, films and music performances. The festivity is meant to be observed all over the world.

An example of a project that is set to be shown at Lovaganza is the set of films with the title the Lovaganza Convoy. It has the title “Follow Your Sunshine” and has a message to inspire people about Faith. The filmmakers on finance.yahoo.com believe that the motion picture will teach people that having faith is going to carry anyone through the darkest hour. The filming locations are held in different parts of Europe. The film itself takes the setting and look of the 1950s.

Lovaganza has a series of pre-events that are set to take place for about five years. The actual event started in 2015; the main show starts from May to September 2020. The final celebration is going to take place on September 14, 2020. Lovaganza will occur during the entire summer period and a little part of fall and spring. So far, 50 cities around the world will be celebrating the festival at the same time.

The primary Lovaganza team is different into two groups. The entertainment business group is known as the Lovaganza Entertainment Company, and the non-profit group is called The Lovaganza Foundation. The foundation helps to bring awareness to create a bigger impact and bring cultures of the world together. If you are interested in learning more about the event, you can learn a lot by going to their website. You will find important details about the celebrations too. Keep in touch with the latest information to get firsthand information.

Gooee IoT Lighting Can Make A Factory Safer

Making factories safe is important because there are a lot of companies who have basic lighting that does not work for their employees. They are using lights that are outdated, and they are using lights that are very hard to see under. They simply do not have the coverage in the room to make a difference for the workers, and they also know that they can use the lights to make productivity easier at certain parts of the day.

Someone who is trying to make a difference in the way that they work should use Gooee IoT lights to point in the right direction at different times of day. There is usually a lot of natural light that needs to be accounted for when people are in the room, and they can help handle that when they have programmed the Gooee IoT lights to give them the best look at their lighting options. Lighting is a lot easier when it can be programmed, and the time of day can see a change in the lights that is very easy on the eyes.

The people who work in the factory will have less problems with headaches or squinting, and they will have enough light to work no matter where they are. That is why buildings have to be outfitted with more modern lights. Every light has to be perfect for the workers in the room, and the lights have to be easy to program when they are tied to a computer.

The Need For An Affordable Mobile Phone Plan

People need phone service for a lot of reasons. However, people also need to save money. Fortunately, FreedomPop offers both. People are able to save money while keeping in contact with their friends and family. Mobile service is also good for making money. People can conduct business transactions through their mobile phone. However, if they are not able to have service they could afford, then they will not be able to carry out the business that they desire. This is why FreedomPop is stepping in to improve on the affordability of mobile carrier services. As a result, FreedomPop is quickly growing as a business.

One reason that FreedomPop is becoming very popular with customers is that they are offering people a lot of free services which include talking, texting and data. When people have all of that, then they are able to keep in touch with others as well as take on other responsibilities that they need mobile services for. This type of service is really helpful for people that are really short on cash. When they reach a better financial circumstance, then they can pay for more services. The services that FreedomPop offer are a lot more affordable than other carriers. Learn more: http://www.biblemoneymatters.com/freedompop-review-free-4g-wireless-internet-access-can-help-you-save-on-your-cell-phone-bill/

The most recent offering of FreedomPop is the unlimited service that only costs $20. Customers will get unlimited talking, texting and data at a price that is a lot lower than any other carrier. As a result, people will get some of the best services at a low price. As of right now, the only way to get FreedomPop services is through used phones. There have not been any new phones released for FreedomPop. However, they have some of the most trustworthy used phones. As a result, people can rest assured that they will not have any problems with their FredomPop phones.

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Natural lip balm products

Evolution of All Natural Cosmetics: Evolution of Smooth

Evolution Of Smooth (EOS lip balm) is an international company that sells a variety of all natural skin care products. EOS’s main objective is to provide all natural products that are infused with all natural botanical and fruit extracts. Evolution of Smooth’s all natural products are also very friendly towards the environment. Evolution Of Smooth has a wide variety of skin care products to chose from, such as its all natural lip balm products.
EOS’s lip balm products as advertised on Ulta contain ingredients that are full of antioxidants, such as jojoba oil, vitamin E, and shea butter. Its natural lip balm products do not contain petroleum despite the fact that many other products out on the market today use petroleum as a main ingredient. Petroleum tends to clog the skin, which restricts the pores thus allowing for toxins to be trapped in the skin. EOS lip balm products do not clog the skin, which allow the toxins to flow out of the pores freely.The combination of all natural ingredients that the company’s lip balm products provide are used to moisturize, and protect the lips from becoming chapped. Vitamin E, which is one of the main ingredients in its all natural lip balm products, can be used to remove dark spots and give the lips a full healthy glow. Another main ingredient, which is jojoba oil is also rich in vitamin E, and it can be used to help heal cold sores on the lips as well. Shea butter offers uv protection and is rich in vitamins A, E, and F. Want EOS products? Visit Ulta.com to purchase.

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In The World of Doe Deere

From a single eBay account did the birth of Lime Crime come about. This is a do it yourself fashion line that entered international markets in 2008. Originator, Doe Deere is responsible for branding her own passions, sharing creativity and turning them into a business. Her style consists of bright, uncommon colors with unique makeup flair.

Lime Crime’s owner, Doe Deere is a strong advocate for businesses operated by women. Her recent success paves way for public speaking and mentoring services that women entrepreneurs enjoy. Doe even made appearances at the Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and others like the PHAMExpo. An open forum for advice is available through Deere’s Instagram also.

Deere is a designer who comes from Russia but was raised in “the city that never sleeps.” The long-time New York resident is driven to give women freedom of expression without hiding themselves from the world. It all starts with pursuing a natural, aesthetic look and one that feels comfortable to do or wear. For Doe, passion results in colorful and animal-conscious makeup.

This is what followers and fashion enthusiast online know about Deere. That reputation is extreme pigmentation, bold decisions and a group of international women who desire the same for their lives. A wide fashion expression can be found in the fashionable collection of colors, nail polishes, eye shadows and lipsticks.

Deere built her business from the ground up, and the Lime Crime crew isn’t to be taken lightly. From a Creative Director, to a President, Vice President and COO, the Lime Crime cosmetic team is a stronghold in fashion. The business hosts meetings weekly while Doe Deere herself spends each day active and involved with company operations.

That work consists of directing personnel, teaming with chemists and constantly responding to emails. Makeup is a strong, consistent outlet of creativity that pushes Lime Crime further into the online fashion markets. There’s a huge transformation taking place that’s putting the standard brick-and-mortar groups in a bind.

Commerce online isn’t just lucrative, it’s becoming an only option. The advantages of online platforms are unlimited. From marketing, development and distribution, the resources to operate online boosts the potential for all commerce. Among those taking advantage of recent developments in eCommerce. …is Lime Crime. The web makes it big in online markets.

Yet there was a time when doing commerce online was thought of as impossible in the cosmetic industry. Those sentiments have turned around entirely. It’s specifically Web presence that Lime Crime attributes there success to. Those techniques and methods used by Doe are now being copied by others.

It’s standard in the market today, and the innovation continues onward.

By having a direct connection to the consumers of its offering, Lime Crime is able to relate in ways big industry players rarely can. Having a genuine relationship with the people who’ve shown consumer loyalty is powerful. E-Commerce enables companies like Lime Crime to flourish.

This cosmetic maker is setting the tone for an entire online industry to follow.

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Securus Has The Official Information For Every Jail

I have actually been to the jail where my sister is held before, and I had some thing I wanted to share when I left there. I did not want to make things hard for her, but I was not happy. I was also in a place where I was just not sure that I thought she would be alright. That means that we needed a better way to file a complaint, and I found it at Securus.

The process all started for me when I thought about what I was unhappy about, and then I started talking to my sister about the problems she had. I went on the Securus website to file my first complaint, and I was able to get all the information in without a problem. I sent in the form, and then I was able to reload my account so that I could make video calls to my sister.

Securus gives us a chance to see my sister in the flesh even though she is far away, and they let us file the complaint forms when she brings up things that she has a problem with. I have has a problem with the fact that her educational needs are not being met, and I sent in the form the same day. I know that things are changing because my sister can tell me how things are going when I talk to her on the Securus calls.

We have all been through an ordeal, but the ordeal has been much easier with the help that we get from Securus. I have been pleased to see how the video calls work, and I can file the complaints for my sister for her protection. We can all look out for each other with all the resources that Securus offers us.

Why Is Lip Balm Helpful For People With Dry Lips?

Licking dry lips will not give the results that people want when they are trying to keep their lips moist. Licking one’s lips does not work because there is not a special ingredient that helps people moisten their own lips. They need to use Evolution of Smooth because that will treat their lips with an ingredient that will make it easy for them to keep their lips from bleeding. People have cracked lips all the time, and it can be extremely painful.

They usually assume that their lips are not going to get any better because they think that they are not supposed to have nice lips. They are afraid to smile, and they just grin and bear it most of the time. Someone who is using Evolution of Smooth will see their lips start to change, and they can reverse the drying and cracking that has been happening for a long time. Reversing the process will help people take their smiles back, and they will feel confident enough to smile for the first time in a long time.

The Evolution of Smooth that people are using can be carried with them any time, and they can bring the lip balm along so that they can be able to use it before they use their lipstick. That is important because lipstick can be hard on lips, but Evolution of smooth will change all of that. The user will be able to use the lip balm as much as they need, and it might be easier for people to do this instead of going with something more expensive.

Evolution of Smooth is a lip treatment that anyone can use. They will notice their lips feel softer, and they can use it as much as is needed. Evolution of Smooth makes a smile healthier, and it helps lips stay moist. EOS products are available on Walmart. It can also be purchased online via Racked.com.

Check out their website: evolutionofsmooth.com

Check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/eos/photos


The Lovaganza Announcement Is The First Step In Many That Will Change The World’s Image Of Itself

Even though the there is an enormous amount of resources in the world, children die every day of malnutrition. The world has become a smaller and more tuned in place thanks to the Internet, but there is a sense of unity that is still missing from the minds of leaders around the world. The focus of world leaders is overshadowed by the challenges they face. There are many organizations on euroweeklynews.com that are on a mission to help eliminate hunger, and to protect the children of the world, but they run into roadblocks that hinder their progress. The world doesn’t look in the mirror often enough, and see the egotistical side that keeps separation and political power the flavors of the day. But two people are in the process of making the world look at itself. Those people are J.F. and Genevieve Gagnon, and they have created Lovaganza.

Lovaganza is a Bohemian style celebration that is orchestrated in a 21st century way. The mission of J.F. and Genevieve Gagnon is to bring the world together through film, entertainment, cultural exchanges, and dance. Lovaganza is set to launch in May 2020. The development of Lovaganza has been so carefully planned that every move depends on the success of the move before it. The Gagnon’s have divided the Lovaganza Celebration into two divisions. The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is the profit side of this massive undertaking. The Lovaganza Foundation is the non-profit division. Both divisions have specific goals, and those goals are being met in the proper order. The recent Lovaganza announcement proves that the Gagnon’s and the people working with them have an orchestrated plan in motion.

Genevieve Gagnon has been busy filming a series of film trilogies called the Lovaganza Convoy. A traveling show, similar to the old traveling circuses, but updated with the latest film and entertainment technologies will hit the road in 2017. The Lovaganza Convoy is filming people in countries around the world, and the trilogies will introduce the people of the world to the people of the world on film.

The Gagnon’s have started a journey that has the ability to change the world again. Their mission is to eliminate hunger in children by 2035. That’s a monumental task, but there’s no stopping the Lovaganza mission, according to J.F. Gagnon. The for-profit projects of the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise will generate enough funds for the Lovaganza Foundation, so it can complete the worldwide mission of empowering other organizations to join them.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://www.lovaganza.com/the-foundation.html

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.