Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions Devise Unique Approach to Servicing Clients

The financial world is not always the easiest environment to navigate. This is why so many seek help from a wealth counselor. According to WealthMinder, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has made a career of helping clients with financial matters. The profile for Blair and his company reads like a very thrilling biography with many positive points.

Based out of Austin, TX, Wealth Solutions operates as an investment advisory firm. Those who want to affiliate with a credible company will be pleased to discover the firm is listed as a Registered Investment Advisory entity.

Through working with Wealth Solutions and its CEO Richard Blair, clients may feel they have opted to sign onto a reliable partnership. The advice and counsel delivered from Wealth Solutions can assist in a number of areas and aid clients with staying on the right track for success.

Based on extensive experience with assisting clients, Richard Blair has come up with a “three pillar” approach to handling those who seek assistance. By following the basic framework of the three pillars, helping clients achieve a preferred outcome becomes much more streamlined and easier to enact.

The first pillar deals with the concept of a financial roadmap. Unless clients know where they want to go, getting there is going to be outright impossible. A host of different factors are examined in order to figure out the proper roadmap to create. Tremendous differences among the various clients does necessitate different plans. No financial strategy can be of the “cookie cutter” variety.

Short-term strategies are probably not going to be of much assistance to clients. Therefore, pillar two focuses on long-term investment plans. Long-term plans have a tendency to be less volatile and risky. Any client seeking a safe and stable investment plan surely will be more interested in this approach.

Richard Blair’s professional experience allows him to understand the differences between long-term and short-term strategy. His formal education is a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Houston. His combination of professional and educational experiences allows him to effectively approach each client’s situation.

This proper approach continues into the third pillar. In pillar three, Blair works on helping clients meet their insurance needs. Insurance should never be overlooked by those interested in protecting their financial situation. A reliable insurance policy protects someone who otherwise would experience major losses when an unexpected disaster arises.

One thing clients can expect is professional treatment from Wealth Solutions, a stellar financial advisory company.

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