Securus Technologies: Revolutionizing Prison Technology Use

With advancements, organizations can easily gauge the quality of their services by analyzing the reviews posted by clients across various online platforms including the organization’s website. As one of the leading provider of technological solutions for various institutions and agencies tasked with ensuring public safety, Securus Technologies value their clients’ reviews. Going by the comments received via mail or email, many of Securus’s clients are satisfied with its service provision. Most significantly, the comments show the extent of the company’s services. Their phone call services within correctional facilities have helped officers nab contrabands but also arrest corrupt officers involved.


The company also helps investigative officers with advanced and revolutionary technologies, which have expanded their capabilities and successfully putting in place proactive measures to deter crimes within correctional and outside correctional facilities. The comments reveal that Securus Technologies’ LBS software come in handy when it comes to investigations. It has helped some law enforcement officers preempt crime while also recovering millions of dollars in drug money and illegal or stolen cash or assets. It has also helped the officers recover illegal drugs by monitoring inmates’ calls.


A History of Strategic Development


Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Over the years, the technology company has undergone strategic developments marked by acquisition of strategically placed companies to expand its services provision. These strategies have seen the company expand its operations with several regional offices supporting its ever-expanding operations. With an employer base in the north of 1,000, Securus offers high quality services to over 4,000 correctional facilities in Canada and the United States. In addition to voicemail and email services for the millions of inmates it serves, Securus Technologies has refined its contraband cell phone monitoring service provision through acquisitions, partnerships and technological developments. Towards this end, Securus acquired Syscon Justice Systems in 2007 while also developing and releasing the Managed Access Solutions and Wireless Containment Solution software in 2016 and 2017, respectively.